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Color: Standard - Black and White
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Our goals are simple:

1) Make high quality socks specifically designed to meet the comfort and protection needs of our customers.
2) Make it as easy as possible to get SoftPath Socks to our customers every month.

SoftPath Socks are American-made utilizing non-binding stitching to promote blood flow to your feet while their padded soles add a protective layer of comfort with each step.

Our hassle-free subscription programs ensure your SoftPath Socks conveniently arrive to your door every month.

Caring for your feet is a vital step in managing diabetes, SoftPath Socks can help.


Soft Path Socks have given me the comfort and protection my feet need while their unique color options put a little flavor back into my sock choices.

Pillows on your feet.

I’ve tried many different socks since I started to experience foot pain related to my diabetes, Soft Path Socks are the first socks that checked all the boxes for me. Soft bottom…CHECK! Looser cuff…CHECK! Don’t fall down…CHECK! Thank You Soft Path Socks!

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Easy to Cancel or Skip

There is no contract or hidden small print. We want you as a customer, but only because you want to be.

Customized to You

The most important quality in an effective diabetic sock is fit. Use our sizing guide to ensure maximum benefit and comfort.

Color Variety

Tired of white or black as the only color option for diabetic socks? Choose our ECLECTIC colors option and receive a new, exciting color every month.


Non-Binding Support

The non-binding sock body boosts blood flow to your feet while our extra-stretchy cuff is designed to stay up without cutting into your legs. Puts an end to the discomfort of the dreaded sock ring.

Moisture Reducing Fit

Utilizes an acrylic blend for increased durability and a softer feel than cotton. The acrylic fibers work to reduce moisture retention while increasing heat retention, allowing a dry, cozy fit.

Comfort and Protection

The padded soles provide cushiony comfort while offering an extra layer of protection for your feet, especially in the most important areas, the heel and ball of the foot.